Winners Approach to Online Sports Betting

Sports betting online can be a daunting hobby, but if done right can be very rewarding. From our sports betting help guide, you will find extremely crucial golden rules with which to improve your overall betting experience and possibly walk away with some good money. By avoiding some of the most common sports betting mistakes, it will be very easy to get astounding results quite fast without losing the thrill and excitement of sports betting.

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What Betting Odds Mean?

First, let’s begin this sports betting help guide with arguably the most amazing betting tips for rookies. The odds are the most important underlying factors in the betting world. In principle, the results of one bet are not relevant because these are the odds that determine whether the bet has value. Technically, odds are the inverse values of the likelihood of certain events– events that are highly unlikely to have higher odds. As a
result, the best bet is when the probability of an event X occurring is higher than the probability shown by the odds.

Typically, it is possible to get value in any event, be the odds 1.15, 6.50 or 29.80. After you have examined the probability of an event at 90%, 1.15 is the odds of the present value (notwithstanding a much smaller one). In most cases, online punters are highly likely to find value on the high odds for the least favorite team, but this must never be taken for granted. Most seasonal punters trust their evaluations, regardless of the underdogs or the favorites. The best thing is betting with the odds representing value.

You can start by comparing the odds between different bookmakers. This is because it does not make sense to bet on lower odds if other bookmakers have better odds since this would be like giving out your hard-earned money to bookmakers for free.

Choose your Bets

Initially, most punters are attracted to playing big accumulators including different selections that need to be correct for them to win. Of course, the idea behind these accumulators is to win big with a small stake because the odds multiply with every additional selection.

One important factor that bettors should consider is that the sportsbook odds include the in-built advantage, so keep in mind that the perception “the house always has an edge” applies.

All the online sportsbooks that we recommend have an average theoretical return of 95% (might be higher in some leagues) which is quite higher than the market. Nevertheless, there are some exceptions and things might change depending on the type of sporting event that you are betting on.

Always remember the basic mathematical rules, for example, if the odds offer less than 100% theoretical return, the bookmarkers edge accumulates if more selections are added to the coupon. Therefore, while the sportsbook payback is higher, for example, if you combine two picks the payback percent will decline under 91% and will still drop with every additional pick. It is without a doubt that the best parts of online sports betting make the correct selections and collecting the profits. If you are aiming for a fast win jackpot and forget that you are also lowering your chances of making profits in the long term, you ought to familiarize yourself with the available betting system.

Generally, the system bet features available on the bet slip permit you choose, for instance, 6 picks and automatically make small accumulators that you can use to win even when not all the picks hit correctly.

Setting the Stakes

Setting stakes is a challenging aspect in sports betting and has for a long time been overlooked. However, always keep in mind that there is no single strategy for setting stakes that will by itself make you rich.

While this might feel confusing and difficult, you only need a few tips to get you started. Even the casual gamblers often have the habit of raising the stakes when they are on the winning streaking. Undoubtedly, you might start feeling invincible when a game starts going your way and your bankroll balance keeps growing. However, if you are on a winning streak, remember to think twice and make informed decisions before you can
even consider increasing your stake.

Keep in mind that luck does not have any memory. This means that both the bad and good streaks will always be part of the online sports betting endeavors. The most important thing is being level headed and setting the stakes based on your approach–not based on your current streak. It is quite worthwhile to plan an efficient staking strategy and stick to it. Every online punter will at some point experience a bad streak, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter, if more money is lost than what is won. If this happens, it is always important to maintain your cool without panicking.


Continuing with our comprehensive sports betting help guide, every sport features a specific amount of chance that in online sports betting is referred to as luck.

Any human error or a single bounce that can’t be predicted can significantly affect the outcome or even determine it all together. Due to this, it is highly likely that each punter faces both winning and losing streaks. During either streak, it is important to remember that the outcomes of the previous bets do not have anything to do with the outcome of the current or future bets.

A sure way to self-destruction is chasing your losses after the big losses or getting carried away to increase your bets when you are winning. Canceling such driving emotions can be tricky and demands lots of self-control. Anger management is also important, especially when you are on a losing streak. Professional bettors often indicate how easy it can be to control themselves when facing losses or after a loss, but most of them agree that chasing their losses only resulted in deeper graves. Although it is easier said than done and it might not be as easy to remain calm, acknowledging that you have experienced some losses is the initial step towards becoming a successful
online bettor.

We strongly believe that online sports betting ought to be exciting and fun. If you feel like you are losing control or just feel like sports betting is no longer fun, the online sportsbook, we recommend gives you an option to cool down by setting loss limits or closing your account for the chosen duration to encourage responsible betting.

Pick The Right Strategy

Successful online sports betting usually takes lots of effort and time. Checking through the wide range of information available currently, you need hours and hours, neglecting the fact that more games are played every day. Also, the current TV contracts ensure games are played every hour, which makes it almost impossible to follow each of these

This necessitates the notion that a bettor ought to pick his/her battle and focus on specific sporting events or better yet, a specific team or league. It is almost impossible for a punter to follow all sports, therefore it will be much better to focus and maximize their knowledge on a few teams and one or two leagues. Such a level of specialization makes it easier and quicker for a punter to place informed bets without making any hasty judgment calls because they will now be less likely to be misled by any changing lineups.

Betting Tips

Besides personal judgment, it is easier to get effective betting tips all over the web, some of which are very profitable. You can easily find these betting tips on different platforms, including social media where you can find different types of tips. Nevertheless, it is not all the tips that can be trusted and therefore you must pay attention when relying on the tipster’s advice. Unfortunately, there are cases where the tipster could even be making money from your losing bets. Therefore, you must always be very careful when reading the available betting tips and only read that which can be useful to your betting endeavors.

We intend to get rid of such an old vice and make the betting business more
transparent. As a result, you can rest assured that all the betting tips outlined here are genuinely independent and trustworthy.

Collect Information and Evaluate Probabilities

Generally, bookmakers always have better information and knowledge of the games they are playing than the punters. Most of the time the bettors assumed value in the odds is mostly incorrect since the oddsmaker working for the sportsbook is more informed when setting these odds. However, this is not always the case: both oddsmakers and punters often make betting mistakes that a professional bettor can exploit.

In principle, for a punter to profit from betting, the bettor must be in a position to place bets on the selection that has higher odds than the real probability of occurrence.

Making an assessment of probabilities and computing “correct” odds is the baseline for a systematic and profitable betting approach that requires both skills and time. The results of a match or an occurrence in the match can be affected by different variables including luck. Technically, by collecting and analyzing sufficient information, it is possible to minimize the luck/chance factor when evaluating such probabilities. With the huge amount of data available, a successful bettor usually drafts a system that they can use to measure the relevant variables and use it to calculate the probabilities.

Countless variables affect probabilities in sports. For instance, when it comes to team sports, the lineup can change, some players might be injured or suspended, specific matchups could be preferable, home-field advantage can also affect the significance of the results or performance of a certain team, these are just some of the factors that should be considered when calculating odds. With an increased understanding of the odds, it becomes very easy to determine anomalies in comparison to probabilities, but particularly on the punter’s evaluation are highly likely to have challenges.


Are you planning to become a successful online punter? If so, bookkeeping is paramount. Not just because by keeping track of the bets you can fully control your bankroll and keep yourself in control, but it can also help to develop effective techniques and see whether something will work according to your plans. Writing down the stakes, odds and played selections is a perfect start. You can start with a simple excel sheet to
record these.

It is worth keeping in mind that very rarely will a bettor constantly beat the bookmaker and in the long run make profits. Although it is going to take time, you can rest assured that proper bookkeeping will be effective in ensuring you don’t make abnormal losses. Bonuses and free bets

Most betting companies offer free bets and deposit bonuses, particularly for new customers. While these are worth claiming, you should also remember that there is nothing like a free meal. So, even when you claim the bonus, you should know that there is a catch. Almost all bonuses offered by sportsbooks come with rollover requirements that can be as high as 30 times the deposited amount. This means you cannot cash out your winnings even after you have won big until the rollover requirements are met. If your methods and strategy are not in any way affected by having to play through your deposit a few times, there is no reason to not grab the extra
money. Always pay close attention to the terms and conditions of the bonus to avoid obnoxious surprises.

We only recommend sportsbooks that offer generous sports betting welcome bonuses with a reasonable turnover requirement on the deposit with the least odds. You can easily check the turnover requirements by clicking on the bonus offer available. Pick a bonus that you believe you can easily meet the wagering requirements and soon you could cash out your winnings.

Now that you understand how you can go around sports betting and make profits. Join any of the sportsbooks we recommend and enjoy betting!