Basics of Sports Betting

Interested in gambling one, but don’t want anything too complex? If so, Try sports betting today! Online sports betting is considered by many to be one of the easiest forms of online gambling. When placing bets on sports, your objective is typically to predict the results of various sporting events and bet based on what you think will happen. If you are correct, you win, else you will lose.

Even those that seem uninterested in sports betting at least have a basic understanding of what happens. Typically, the primary reason why it is very easy to get started is that you don’t need anything extra besides the basics.

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Remember, we are not asking you to ignore anything, in fact, you should learn everything necessary because you will be putting your money at risk. An in-depth understanding of how sports betting works is very important, even though you are planning to gamble every once in a while. It is very important if you want to take sports betting seriously and have better chances of making profits.

While we are not proposing that you must learn everything in sports betting before getting started. There are several things that you should be aware of. This post is a summary of everything you need to know before you start putting your money at risk. A lot of what is covered here is explained in detail in our online sports betting guide.

Fixed-Odds Betting

Fixed-odds betting refers to a more conventional form of gambling where you predict what will happen and then bet on the most suitable choice. These are referred to as fixed odds because the odds are agreed upon when the bet is placed. If the bet wins, the payout will be based on the agreed odds regardless of whether they have subsequently shifted or not.

Terms Explained

Parties To A Bet

There are two parties to an online sports bet. Each of the parties takes an opposing view to another. For instance, these two parties could be guys watching a game together. One of them may think that the Broncos will beat the Steelers, while the other may believe that the Steelers will beat the Broncos.


This refers to what the bettors are betting on. Let’s assume the Broncos are playing against Steelers, if the gambler bets on the fact that broncos will win, and then their selection will be “Broncos to win.”

Keep in mind that the selection does not have always to be an individual or a team winning a game. There are many different types of bets that may be placed on sporting events.


A Stake refers to the exact amount of money a punter risk on a bet. The amount is paid to the bookmaker at the time when the bet is placed. A bookmaker retains the stakes from the losing bets and returns them for the winning bets. Many bookmakers ask punters to stake a specific minimum amount, which is usually a smaller amount like $1. Also, some bookmakers have maximum stakes that limit the maximum amount you can


Bookmakers usually provide odds for the available selections. The odds usually determine the amount of money a bookmaker should pay to the punter relative to their stake if the punter made the correct choice. These are related closely to the chances of these selections being correct. If there are low chances such as the selection is highly likely to be incorrect, the odds are usually slightly higher. On the other hand, if there are high chances such as the selection is highly likely to be correct, the odds are very low. Fractional, Moneyline, and decimal are the three formats that can be used to express betting odds.


A payout refers to the overall amount that a bookmaker should pay to the punter if their bet is correct. It includes the punter’s stake because it is also returned alongside their winnings.

Different Types Of Sports Bets

Simplicity and a wide variety of available choices are some of the major reasons why online sports betting is so appealing. You can bet on any sporting event that you want and pretty much any competition, league, event or game. This gives punters a wide range of opportunities to find spots where they think they can place the winning bet. Also, you can choose from the widest range of different bets to place. While most people have been found to stick to the win bet, that is not the right thing. There are
many types of bets that provide better winning chances.

The only problem with these types of bets is that they are not as direct as the “win bet.” Some are very easy to understand, but others are quite complicated. Also, things can get complex considering the different terms used in these bets.

Different types of sports bets include:

. Accumulator or parlay
. Outright or futures
. Specials or prop
. Over/Under or totals
. Handicap or point spread

Each of the bets outlined on the above list might be slightly difficult to understand.

Types of Online Sports Betting

There are a few options to conventional fixed odds betting, including those listed below:

. Esports betting
. Pari-mutuel betting
. Spread betting
. Exchange betting
. Live/in-play betting

Each of the options listed above involves risking some of your money on the results of the sporting event. However, each of them works differently.

Live Betting

While this is based on the traditional aspects of betting as the bets are placed at fixed odds, this is different since punters can place bets before or during the sporting events. This opens an entire range of betting chances and it has been proved to be amazingly popular among bettors.

Exchange Betting

In the same way as live betting, exchange betting uses fixed odds, and there are no bookmakers involved. Rather, the two parties to bet are the bettors. One punter backs a selection, whereas the other lay the selection. The person laying effectively acts as the bookmaker and he/she is the one that offers the other party fixed odds on their picks. In case the backer’s choice is correct the layer should pay them at the odds that they had agreed on. On the other hand, in case the backer’s choice is not correct, the layer will receive its stake.

Although this may sound complicated, we can assure you that it is not, and all you need to do is follow our simple guide.

Spread Betting

Unlike other types of online sports betting, fixed odds are not part of spread betting and a bet does not simply lose or win. With spread betting, you choose whether a certain number would be lower or higher than the spread posted by the bookmakers and the amount you lose or win is dependent on how much lower or higher the number was.

For instance, you can bet on the overall number of goals scored in a match. The bookmaker may post a 2-3 spread and you might decide if you think there will be less than two goals or more than three. Predicting over three goals means ‘buying the spread’. If more than three goals are scored, for every each of these, you get to win one multiple for your first stake. So, let’s say four goals have been scored; you will win an amount that is equal to your stake. On the other hand, if five goals are scored, you would win twice the initial stake.

However, if less than 3 goals are scored; you will lose one multiple of your initial stake for every goal below three. So, if two goals are scored, you will lose an amount equal to your stake. If only one goal is scored, you would lose twice your stake.

Predicting less than 2 goals means “selling the spread.” Your losses or payouts will be calculated based on what has been outlined above, but in reverse.

Pari-Mutuel Betting

This is a form of betting that is often used for placing bets on horse racing but can also be used on different types of sports. Pari-mutuel betting is a form of betting that does not need the services of a bookmaker since there are no odds involved. For every betting market, the punter’s stakes are usually paid into the “pool.” Once the sporting event has ended those punters that supported the winning team gets a share of the pool. Every punter share is computed based on the amount they had staked and the
number of others who had supported the winning team.


This is one of the sports betting types that are very similar to the conventional fixed odds betting. The main difference is that it does not involve betting on traditional sports. Rather, someone who chooses eSport betting chooses to place bets on video gaming competitions.

While video gaming competitions have been around for many years, it only took off in the past few years. Many leagues and events are now streamed online or televised and usually attract very large audiences. Is this really a sport? This is perhaps something debatable, but many people believe it’s a fascinating type of sport.

It is for this reason that it is known as “eSport” and like many other types of sports; it is easy to place bets on such kinds of sports.

Other activities that are worth mentioning here include Daily Fantasy Sports. Real Money Daily Fantasy Sporting contests have become very popular over the years, particularly in the United States. Probably because they represent a very different way of possibly winning money by applying sports knowledge.

In either case, it is an undisputed fact that daily fantasy sports competitions are lots of fun.

How Bookmakers Make Money

As a newbie to online sports betting, it is not typically important to understand the ins and outs of how online bookmakers operate. Nevertheless, it is essential to understand why and how they make profits. This is very simple to understand, they make money from losing bets.

Setting odds allows the bookmakers the advantage they need to have an edge and do what is needed to make sure they make profits. First, the bookmakers create commission into the odds; so that punters are paying a fee every time they place a bet. Technically, they make odds lower than they should be when representing equal chances of the winning selection.

Successful online sports betting needs lots of effort and knowledge. These are essential for making sure that you know enough to place informed bets.

Defining Your Objectives When Betting On Sports Online

There are two types of online sports bettors, including recreational bettors and professional bettors. Most people fall into the category of recreational bettors, who are mainly motivated by the fact that they only want to have fun. Sure, winning some money does not hurt, but that is not why these bettors are placing bets. All they want is to enjoy the excitement of betting and the challenge of testing their sports knowledge. Most of them hope they can win, but that’s not what motivates them to bet.

On the other hand, professional bettors are those punters whose sole intention of betting online is making profits. These bettors spend most of their time creating winning strategies and playing how to handicap the types of the sport they bet on. Their ultimate goal is making money and not just to have fun.

As a newbie, it is not important to make decisions regarding whether you want to bet to make profits or have fun. Nevertheless, it is always essential to think about what your goals are because they will ultimately affect your betting approach.

If you want to have a better chance of maximizing your profits from online sports betting, you must take a different approach from one that you should have taken if you were interested in sports betting as a way of having fun.

Always remember that sports betting should be fun and responsible gambling is the most important aspect of sports betting!