10 Tips & Tricks to Beat the Online Bookmakers

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Every online punter dreams of beating the bookmaker and winning a decent amount of money. Online gambling and betting can be enjoyable if you set reasonable expectations, yet it is very easy for gamblers to lower the winning odds and make money sports betting. A major question that newcomers into the world of online sports betting ask is whether it is possible for them to beat the bookmaker and win consistently when betting on their favorite sports events. The answer to this question is a strong yes, but can only be achieved if you work towards becoming the most effective gambler. Every gambler has the potential to become a revered bettor if they understand what they are doing when betting on sports.

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It is always important for bettors to take into account the best market, best price and the best time. It is always important for you to understand the sports events that you want to bet on. Online betting can be a quite challenging and yet very rewarding activity. You can choose to take part in online betting on sports with a chance of winning and walk away with thousands of dollars. All you need to do is make sure you know the ins and outs of the sports events you have chosen and start placing wagers based on what you think is right. Learning about the winning odds in a particular match is very essential. The following are the 10 tips & tricks you can use and they will help you beat the bookie.

Like anything else in our daily life, it is always important for you to work if you want to achieve something and online sports’ betting is exactly the same. You must be willing to move an extra mile betting on sports to ensure you get to win consistently. You cannot just lie around, place a bet on a sporting event you know nothing about and then expect to win big. Therefore, understanding the sports events, knowing the payouts and the odds is one of the best tips you can employ when betting on the sport. However, there are other effective sports betting tips and tricks that can boost your chances of winning, keep reading this sports betting guide to know some of the easiest football bets to win.

Keep Yourself Fully Informed

Online football betting does not only mean placing real money bets on the best team in a certain league. Understanding the attacking and defensive strengths and frailties are two important aspects that can significantly help you when betting on sports online. The same thing applies to different types of sports. Doing some research and following the players over a long period can be very beneficial in knowing the current form of the player and team and this will help you know everything about the sports bets that you should place at that particular point in time. This will also help you make wiser decisions because you already understand what each of the players is likely to do during the match.

Making sure that you have all the necessary information before placing real money bets is important because it helps you make a more informed decision to make money sports betting. For instance, you should conduct some research to know exactly whether the teams have met before and what was the outcome in those previous fixtures. It is also important to know the current line up and the players who are going to play in that specific match.

We strongly recommend against placing bets on teams that you don’t understand because this is highly likely to result in more losses.

Less Is More

While it might seem the basic use of common sense or obvious, you stand a higher chance of making winning bets with fewer selections. This means that you will stand a high chance of winning if you choose to bet on fewer teams. Placing multiple bets can easily stretch you out and possibly increase your chances of losing and ultimately this will decrease your chances of winning and can also be very confusing. The trick is to think small by placing small bets and win big after you have made correct predictions. 1 – 4 selections are many and you must strive to avoid huge selection bets. Bookmakers often lose cash on the singles; therefore, if you properly carry out your research, placing small wagers of about $5 on one of the picks that you have made can ultimately give you some decent return. The most common way to beat the bookie that many bettors have used before is making fewer selections, particularly after a not so good losing streak.

If things are not going as you expected them to then it is probably the best time to slow down and pick fewer bet options. Nevertheless, you risk compounding the less loss to major ones. You risk losing more and draining your bankroll if you try chasing your losses. Trying to recoup your losses is one direct one of losing because you will be betting emotionally. The best thing is to focus on making finer choices, yet smarter and fewer. This is key to making sure that you become a successful bettor.

The best thing you can do is stick to only a few picks, if you have previously made 8 or 10 selections, few selections will stretch your bankroll. If you made the correct prediction, you only need one correct pick to stand a chance to make money sports betting.

Don’t Beat On The Top Team In The League

While it might be the top team, there is no guarantee that this team will always win. However, there are some punters who always place real money bets on the top team, hoping that they will always win but unfortunately these teams also lose. There is so much that can happen in an entire season and bookies do not always consider everything when drafting the odds. It is for this reason that you should always know the team that you will be betting on. If you undertake additional research, you will stand a better chance of winning than other players who didn’t do any research.

You Should Not Bet On Your Favorite Team

Online sportsbooks usually enjoy when bettors blindly place wagers on their favorite teams or players. The same thing happens for other crucial sports events such as derby fixtures. If you place bets on your favorite team, the unpredictable aspects are immensely magnified and there is a lot that is very important. Underdog teams or players can sometimes rise to the occasion when playing with certain teams and beat them. So, emotional betting is not always the way to bet because your chances of winning are limited. It is crucial that you somehow avoid betting on your favorite team and assess the performance of both teams on the pitch without involving any emotions.

Keep in mind that you have two choices. You can choose to place real money bets on your favorite team and remain a loyal fan or you can choose to place a wager on the team that you think is best based on your analyzes and win more cash. If the best team turns out to be your favorite team then you should consider that as a bonus.

Wager On The Underdog Team When Playing At Home

It is highly likely that the home underdogs will stand a chance of winning over the visitors considering the crowd, morale, and pride of playing at home. Also, the home team has something to prove if they win when playing at home. Placing wagers on an underdog team that is playing from home can be very profitable because the team can provide massive surprises and huge upsets against the favored opponents.

Furthermore, the team that is playing in the home ground has better support from the crowd that the visitors. There are some football managers that refer their crowd as the 12th football player when playing at home. This can pay off greatly if the home underdog overpowers the much superior visiting opponent; if this happens then betting on the underdog can be very rewarding. The winning odds might be on your side and you also get an opportunity to grow your bankroll.

Is Online Sports Betting Fair?

In regards to sports betting guide online, it is much harder to predict the outcome mainly because of the game’s unpredictability nature. Anything can happen when these teams get on the pitch. There are numerous factors that can affect the outcome of a match and the top team will not always beat the underdogs. Keep in mind that the odds of winning usually differ from one sportsbook to the next, therefore, keeping a watchful eye on the winning odds is more just like going shopping, you must shop around for the best deals available. While there are many benefits of remaining loyal to a team, you should move on if you feel that the odds are not good.

The most impressive bets that you must watch out for are the odds of a certain player scoring the goals over the football match or when a player hits the net twice. The good news is that you get a chance to place wagers on the final score, or just draw, lose or win.

Find Valid Reasons Against The Bets You Place

Many are the times that some players tend to find reasons why they must bet on their favorite teams. However, as a smart and successful bettor, you should search for reasons why you should not bet on your selection. For example, if the most revered player in your team of choice is suspended, or injured from an upcoming match which is very important, supporting the team won’t be the wisest decision to make considering the current situation, regardless of the odds. Using proven strategies and documenting the points why you should not place bets in favor of your favorite team will help you get a clear picture of the ongoing events and this can help you avoid the usual optimism bias.

Rely On A 3-Year Analysis

To stand a better chance to choose a winning team, you should not just think about the 1-year analysis because this is not enough. To know everything about the upcoming fixture, you should analyze the outcome of the teams over a 3-year duration since this can give you a more precise idea regarding the potential of the team. Has the team remained consistent over the past few years? Does the team have any influential players on the team or have they lost influential players? Was there any valid reason why the team lost in some of the matches they played previously?

With the internet has made everything so easy, it will be easy for you to find all the information you are looking for about the team over the 3-year period. This will give you a clear perspective of the team you want to bet on and you can make a more informed decision after comparing the performances of these teams alongside their individual results.

Additional Sports Betting Tips and Tricks

Another important trick that you can use when betting on sports is to bet on markets that are less popular. Just follow due diligence and research well before you place real money bets. This will help you identify better markets with extra offers that the bookies provide.

Bookies are consistently expanding their list of the available betting options of the markets and sports that these bookies cover. You should not let the huge prices keep you off from participating in these betting markets.

How To Beat The Bookmaker

Beating a bookie is possible, but not easy. So, you need to make use of the tips and tricks presented in this post if you will stand any chance to make money sports betting. Research and patience are the best thing you can do if you want to win more when betting on your favorite sports.

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